Wealth Professional Names d1g1t 5-star Wealth Provider for 2021

Technology has become a critical component of advisors’ day-to-day lives – but with so many tech options on the market, how can advisors be sure they’re selecting a platform or product that will truly elevate their practice? To discover the tech pioneers who are truly shaping industry innovation, Wealth Professional reached out to readers across the country, asking them to name the vendors they rely on for financial planning tools, CRM, back-office support, portfolio management and digital marketing.


… “The value of teamwork is also a defining factor for d1g1t, a Toronto-based digital wealth management platform. Co-founder and CEO Dan Rosen can’t praise the work of his crew highly enough.”


“In the end, I truly think it’s all about the team,” he says. “Our team has the unique ability to partner and work in close collaboration with our clients to understand their business and what sets them apart. From this, we built an advisor platform that scales up those high-value human services that advisors provide their clients and that separates them from their competition.”


“The company received high marks from advisors for its approach to portfolio management. As Rosen explains, this stems from the fact that “d1g1t is much more than just a reporting solution – d1g1t is a single platform to manage clients, portfolios and the entire business. It is used by every member of the firm. A crucial differentiator is given by our on-demand institutional-grade analytics and risk management tools, covering all asset classes, including PE and alternatives.”


“Thus, the d1g1t advisor platform provides advisors with all the information they need at their fingertips, allowing them to take the conversations with their clients to a different level. The d1g1t white-labelled investor portal and mobile app further provide their clients with 24/7 access to their portfolios and plans. It’s all about delivering full transparency, elevating the client’s experience and increasing engagement.”


“Many in the industry have preached that technology will one day replace financial advisors,” Rosen says. “I passionately believe that human advisors will continue to be irreplaceable when it comes to helping and coaching clients and families with real emotions, as well as ever-changing needs and goals.”


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