What Our Clients Say
“[It’s] imperative to have technology that not only streamlines the implementation process but elevates the experience for advisors and their clients... d1g1t augments our capabilities to do all those things.”

Darie Urbanky

President & COO

CI Financial

“d1g1t provides an unparalleled end-to-end platform to run a modern advisory business which enables advisors to manage much bigger books more efficiently. Advisors and business leaders can now manage their business in real-time through business intelligence and continuity reports, advisors can focus on value added activities, and their families and clients can get full transparency through an integrated client experience and modern reporting.”

Som Seif


Purpose Financial

The d1g1t Enterprise Wealth Management Platform empowers financial advisory firms to scale up the high-value, human services that sets them apart in an increasingly digital world

Struggling To Attract New Clients?

Integrate households’ wealth management life cycle by connecting individual’s risk tolerances, funding plans and financial goals into an automated investment strategy that demonstrably maximizes the probability of achieving success.

Can You Manage Your Client’s Entire Portfolio?

Our on-demand institutional-grade analytics and risk management tools, covering all asset classes, including off book assets, private equity, and alternatives, allow advisors to take the conversations with their clients to another level.

Is Your Firm Attracting New, High Performing Advisors?

Make technology a differentiator by offering advisors a seamlessly integrated desktop with modern client digital tools and institutional-grade analytics, offered through easy to navigate workflows.

d1g1tal Newsletter – December 2022 Issue

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Why Choose d1g1t

A great Client experience starts with a great Advisor experience.

It’s all about exceeding client expectations, providing full transparency, optimizing ongoing client advisor engagement.

Why Choose d1g1t

Modern Wealth Management System

  1. Demonstrate your distinctive value to sophisticated, unique, and demanding clients.
  2. Monitor and manage complex client portfolios with a broad range of holdings.
  3. Leverage technology to improve operations, compliance, and the client experience.
  4. Fully integrated risk management tools assure clients investments and objectives are always aligned.
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