Institutional-Grade Analytics and Risk Management Tools

It’s not simply about taking what you’re currently doing & making it more efficient. It’s about enabling a whole new set of capabilities that you’ve never had before.

The d1g1t platform was created to transform the patchwork of legacy systems with a single, integrated platform that manages the entire wealth management advisory lifecycle through a seamless workflow that is highly intuitive and easy-to-use.

Risk lifecycle

Optimize and personalize investment management.

d1g1t allows you to develop integrated investment advice for clients that is consistent across the wealth risk cycle.

Through interactive portfolio tracking, efficient portfolio construction and automatic rebalancing capabilities, the platform ensures alignment across your clients’ risk tolerance, goals, investment mandates, and actual portfolios for multiple accounts and legal entities.

You can further review and adjust investment strategies as you compare their allocation and performance to a broad range of key benchmarks and track success against multiple goals.

Streamline operations to reduce costly manual processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

d1g1t’s cloud-based wealth management platform is supported 24/7 by a dedicated team of experts, allowing you to reduce your dependency on internal resources and IT infrastructure.

d1g1t allows you to manage the entire advisory life cycle – from KYC reviews, goals, mandates and IPSs, to portfolio management – through a single integrated system.

This increases overall organizational agility, reduces costly manual processes, improves accuracy, and ensures that compliance and regulatory requirements are met.


Full coverage and analytics for multi-currency, multi-asset class portfolios, including Private Equity, Alternatives and Off-book assets… available at any level of the organization.

Portfolio Hierarchy


d1g1t’s enterprise advisor dashboard summarizes key metrics and helps senior management and client advisors visualize and monitor what’s happening at any level of the organization… with the most relevant metrics produced at different portfolio levels to allow users to take action!