Dr. Dan Rosen to Present at FinTech Seminar Series Hosted by the University of Waterloo @ Manhattan Institute of Management

Be sure to attend Dr. Dan Rosen’s presentation, “Machine Learning and AI in Wealth Management: A Revolution in the Making”, being hosted by the University of Waterloo at the Manhattan Institute of Management.

Date: March 4, 2020
Location: Manhattan Institute of Management, 2 Washington St. 17th floor, New York, NY
Time: 6:00-7:00PM

The wealth management industry is going through a revolution: financial advisory firms are facing immense pressure from increased client expectations, mounting regulations with greater demand on disclosure and transparency, and fee compression due to increased competition, low-fee products and robo-advisors.

In this talk, Dr. Rosen will discuss how sound financial analytics, risk management tools and scenario analysis technology can empower firms to develop integrated investment advice across the entire wealth life cycle for thousands of clients. Novel integrated portfolio-behavioural-planning analytics allow advisors to create and track customized multi-asset portfolio strategies that are aligned with their clients’ risk profiles and multiple goals over their lifetime. Quantitative engines leveraging risk analytics, factor models and machine learning techniques provide advisors with interactive tools to understand exposures, attribute performance and manage risks for a single client, a complex family hierarchy or the entire enterprise. Advanced stress testing and scenario tools can be used to create compelling investment proposals, as well as educate their clients about risk, the impact of portfolio drawdowns, and the importance of consistent investment strategies and diversification.

Technology, analytics and AI/ML tools will have a great impact on the wealth management industry, but will not eliminate the need for the “human touch”. Instead, these advances can empower firms to scale up the high-value, human services that will set them apart in an increasingly digital and automated world.

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