Turning Wealth Advisors into “Rockstars” – Welcome to d1g1t

Upon winning WealthTech Americas Award 2022 for Leading Individual (Canada), Dan Rosen, CEO, d1g1t, talks to WealthBriefing Editor Tom Burroughes on the firm’s accomplishments.


What sets you apart from your peers this year and why?


d1g1t passionately believes that financial  advisors  are  irreplaceable  when it comes  to  supporting  client  needs  and goals,  especially  for  high  net  worth  and  ultra-high  net  worth  individuals  and  families.  This  is  particularly  true  in  a  year  like 2022 with uncertainty around inflation and the lingering impacts of the pandemic. The d1g1t platform was designed from the  beginning  with  the  advisor  client  engagement  at  the  forefront,  and  to  make “rockstars”  out  of  a  firm’s  advisors.  Our purpose  is  to  empower  wealth  management  firms  to  scale  up  the  high-value,  human services that will set them apart in an increasingly digital world. It is this focus as a firm that sets us apart.


How have your colleagues contributed towards the success of  your organization?


The other 2 co-founders of d1g1t, Benoit  Fleury  (CPO)  and  Philippe  Rouanet  (COO), are veteran entrepreneurs who have  worked  together  with  me  for  over 20  years,  building  and  growing  successful  fintech  businesses  with  strong  financial engineering, R&D and end-to-end business teams. Each of us has extensive experience in developing  enterprise  risk  and  portfolio  management  systems  which  have  been used by many of the world’s top financial institutions. Around  this  core,  we  have  surrounded  ourselves  with  an  outstanding  senior management team with an extensive track  record  in  the  Financial  Services  Industry  while,  at  the  same  time,  nurturing what  I  believe  is  the  strongest  financial engineering team in the industry.


What are you going to do to stay on the front foot in a fast-growing but also challenging region such as this?


For  d1g1t  to  stay  in  the  forefront,  we need  to  continue  to  prioritize  the  investment  we  have  made  in  innovation  which has  been  critical  to  our  success  to  date. The recent advances in goals based investing and Behavioural Finance in the  industry  are  providing  advisors  with a  broader  range  of  discussion  points  as they  engage  with  their  clients.  This  approach  is  often  more  in  line  with  how  clients think about risk and return. d1g1t is investing in the analytics and AI capabilities that can support and validate these discussions and, importantly, to make  these  analytics  accessible  to  both advisor and client.


How has your business and business model reacted to the pandemic? Has morale amongst your colleagues held up well during the pandemic?


The pandemic has created challenges of course, but also many opportunities.  d1g1t was able to grow at just under 100% for the  second  consecutive  year  of  the pandemic. Our business model has been able to thrive as the world, and our client base  in  particular,  has  embraced  more  on-line engagement. From  a  people  perspective,  we  have grown the d1g1t team by 80 % as well in the  past  year  and  greatly  strengthen  our senior management team. Today, the vast majority of our people joined the company during the last two years


What have you done to bolster their spirits?


I believe that the culture of a firm plays a  very  important  role  in  fostering  morale. The d1g1t culture has always been about innovation and delivering excellence, both in  our  product  and  our  service  to  clients.  For our people to fully appreciate our culture,  we  need  to  constantly  engage  with them  beyond  just  their  direct  responsibilities  and,  importantly,  provide  them  with ample  opportunity  to  participate  in  the dynamic  of  the  firm.  We  are  still  a  small enough  team  that  we  can  schedule  firmwide townhalls, educational seminars, and social events on a regular basis, with everyone contributing to these sessions. We are a hard working, high achieving team, but it is critical to carve out time for fun and humor in order to foster morale in a challenging environment.


Have your differentiators become more important to your business?  Are they still relevant?


Right from for the beginning, our biggest differentiator  was  that  we  developed  the first  truly  enterprise  wealth  management platform powered by institutional-grade analytics & risk management tools. Combining these capabilities while constantly placing the advisor client engagement at the forefront of the d1g1t platform is core to our value proposition to clients. While  many  observers  have  predicted that technology will replace financial advisors entirely, we disagree wholeheartedly. Indeed,  we  believe  that  the  role  of  the  financial  advisor  will  become  increasingly critical  in  2022  as  investors  continue  to adapt  to  inflation  and  pandemic-related uncertainty. In our mind, therefore, this differentiator has become even more relevant today as we  continue  to  provide  the  deep  (yet  accessible)  tools  to  support  the  success  of financial advisors, enabling firms and their advisors to elevate the quality of advice & demonstrate its value to clients.


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