d1g1t’s CEO, Dr. Dan Rosen, Participates in The Fields CFI Workshop on Wealth Management Technology

d1g1t recently participated in the in-person and virtual Fields CFI Workshop on Quantitative Methods for Wealth Management, organized by The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences.

As part of the workshop, d1g1t’s CEO, Dr. Dan Rosen, chaired a distinguished panel that discussed Advances in Wealth Management technology. Panellists from this workshop included Ken Lotocki from Conquest Planning Inc., Jason Pereira from Woodgate Financial Inc. and The Fintech Impact Podcast, and Pauline M. Shum Nolan from WealthScope and York University. The workshop explored Wealthtech, analytics, AI in advisor practices, and client engagement, among other topics.

The roundtable facilitated insightful discussions on leveraging quantitative methods for wealth management and embracing innovative technologies to tackle industry challenges. Panellists talked about how AI technology is being incorporated into the financial industry and what it means for financial advisors and their services. They also discussed how software and technology are driving the expansion of the financial industry in Canada. Additional topics of focus included alternative assets, ChatGPT, client expectations, and other trends in the industry. Explore the full panel discussion on YouTube.

d1g1t and Dr. Dan Rosen extend their gratitude to The Fields Institute and its participants for contributing to this insightful workshop.