Dr. Dan Rosen Shares Insights on Gaps in The Canadian Wealth Management Industry with Wealth Professional

At d1g1t inc., we are thrilled to share insights from a recent feature on our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Dan Rosen, by Wealth Professional. In an article titled, ‘Filling the gaps in Canada’s wealth space,’ Dr. Rosen highlights the pivotal role of technology in the wealth management industry, particularly in addressing pain points and emerging issues. He emphasizes the challenges faced by financial advisory firms with siloed, legacy tech systems, which hinder real-time responses to client queries.

Additionally, Dr. Rosen discusses the importance of security and digital experiences in client communication, moving beyond traditional reporting methods. He also touches on the evolution of wealth platforms to include alternative investments, reflecting d1g1t’s commitment to providing comprehensive, multi-asset solutions for advisors. This feature demonstrates our ongoing efforts to innovate and enhance wealth management through technology.

For more details, please refer to the full article on Wealth Professional here.