d1g1t Listed as an All-In-One Solution on the Kitces Financial Advisor Technology Map

d1g1t is recommended on the Kitces Financial Advisor Technology Map as an all-in-one tool for financial advisors. d1g1t is also listed as an Investment Data/Analytics and Portfolio Management tool. We are proud to be featured as a FinTech tool for advisors across North America looking for an all-encompassing solution for wealth management. The Kitces Financial Advisor Technology Map features FinTech solutions from their Financial AdvisorTech Directory of various categories of tools.

Kitces.com is a website run by Michael Kitces, a well-known financial planner, author, speaker, and educator, where he shares insights related to the financial industry. This site offers many resources for financial advisors, including the Nerd’s Eye View blog, which has over 50K advisor subscribers. Explore their website for more wealth management tools and resources.

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