Empowering Wealth Management Through Innovation: Insight’s from CIBC Mellon’s Latest Podcast

In a recent episode of CIBC’s Industry Perspectives podcast series, Darcie James Maxwell, the Head of Canadian Operations, Data & Analytics Solutions at BNY Mellon and CIBC Mellon, sat down with Dr. Dan Rosen, CEO & Co-founder of d1g1t. They explored the current trends and challenges in wealth management technology and how d1g1t is driving forward client experiences and analytical solutions to address these issues effectively.

Dr. Rosen shared his insights into the evolving landscape of wealth management, highlighting the importance of adopting technologies that not only streamline workflows but also significantly enhance the advisory relationship through improved client interactions and outcomes. Additionally, Dr. Rosen also stressed the importance of adapting to clients’ diverse needs and preferences, especially considering the generational shift in expectations towards financial advisors. He advocated for a blend of modern digital tools and personalized advice, ensuring that advisors remain indispensable by offering insights and guidance tailored to each client’s unique situation.

“You need to be able to look at the entire picture of the client. It is not just about having this portfolio here, this portfolio there, and then their financial plan somewhere else you need to be able to look at the entire client and have all the information consolidated. Even if the client has a fund somewhere else, or their RSP or their pension plan somewhere else, as an advisor you want to bring the entire picture so you can address all the financial needs for that client at that point in time.”

– Dr. Dan Rosen, CEO and Co-founder, d1g1t

Key Takeaways

  • Why it is critical to rethink the client advisory experience to address market challenges
  • How d1g1t is streamlining wealth management advisory workflows covering reporting, portfolio management, analytics, billing, trading and more to drive operational efficiencies
  • Why great client experiences start with a great advisor experience
  • How the advisor role is shifting and changing to address generational changes
  • The importance of a good wealth management coach

To listen to the full podcast, click here.