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2022 Predictions in Digital Wealth from the C-Suite

In Digital Wealth News's predictions for WealthTech in 2022, d1g1t's Chief Strategy Officer, Andrew Aziz presents the view that the role of WealthTech in a world of remergent inflation and pandemic-related uncertainty will focus, not on replacing financial advisors, but instead on empowering advisory firms to scale up their high-value human services

Third Issue of the d1g1tal Newsletter – December 2021

Welcome to this end-of-year, special holiday edition of the d1g1tal Newsletter. While we are now almost two years into this pandemic, we have been incredibly fortunate and are thankful to continue working with an ever-growing community of clients, partners, investors and friends. We really couldn’t ask for much more.More

Wealth Management Platforms as Collaboration Tools

The pandemic has sparked growth in collaboration tools, but for financial services firms, an enterprise-focused wealth management platform is an equally important part of solving the collaboration puzzle.More

Wealth Professional Names d1g1t 5-star Wealth Provider for 2021

Taking Tech to the Next Level

Technology has become a critical component of advisors’ day-to-day lives – but with so many tech options on the market, how can advisors be sure they’re selecting a platform or product that will truly elevate their practice? To discover the tech pioneers who are truly shaping industry innovation, Wealth Professional reached out to readers across the country, asking them to name the vendors they rely on for financial planning tools, CRM, back-office support, portfolio management and digital marketing.More